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 Untamed at heart



I am Annemieke Mulders and I make ceramics in my studio in Perth from fine porcelain and stoneware clays. My ceramics are about the incredible colours and intricate shapes found in nature in Australia. The diversity of hues and the adaptation of fauna to the dry and arid environment are fascinating. The endless planes with eroded rock and stone formations appeal to the imagination and invite creativity. These surroundings evoke a feeling of belonging and peace of mind while at the same time excite exuberance and joy. I wish to capture this beauty in my work and develop glazes to do so. To evoke a sense of the Australian landscape and nature while holding my ceramics in your hand.


 Unwind at home


“A pleasure to hold and use.”

My ceramics are made to enjoy every day. They are fired to 1270C so that they are durable and dishwasher safe. Tactile surfaces invite to hold and cherish, to feel connected while appreciating a quiet moment.


Unlimited by design



Ceramics that make a connection.

My ceramic tableware are handcrafted in my studio in Perth from conception to finish. Starting with soft clay I create organic forms that are often purposely asymmetric. I find this adds character and creates a dynamic setting when the ceramics are placed together.

The forms are cast with plaster and reproduced with porcelain or stoneware slips. This makes the ceramics light and comfortable to use.

I mix my glazes from raw materials to be vibrant, to cascade over carved surfaces and to make abstract landscapes.

Materials are sourced locally and recycled when possible and my kilns and studio are run with solar power.