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JAZZ cups

These are ceramics designed to enjoy every day. The wavy form of the JAZZ cups makes them a pleasure to hold. They are delightfully tactile due to the mixed glazes and the carved surface. Made by hand to feel connected while appreciating a quiet moment.

The larger sizes of JAZZ cups are also available as TravelCup. They come with a silicone lid and band and are dishwasher safe. The JAZZ TravelCups are easy to carry around and reuse. Every bit counts to help reduce our environmental impact and I fire my ceramics with solar power, avoid plastics and recycle.

 ANEMONE bowls

With a surface like coral and studded with real gold these bowls are like treasures from the ocean. To hold that special something or to give to that special somebody.


TILT mugs and bowls 

Inspired by organic forms and animal shapes these ceramics are made from distorted soft clay often introducing a slight asymmetry that invites turning. They appear alive, form beautifully dynamics groups and add character to your table.

FUSED ceramics

Disregarded plaster moulds are given a second life. I cut them in pieces, break them and reassemble into a new piece. This process of destruction and building up cooperates to create new forms. The transformation is in the shape, in the surface, the outside and the inside. It creates fragility and complexity, reminiscent of geographies and evoking contemplation. 


Teapots are functional and decorative and so fun to make. Inspired by organic form and animal shape I make them slightly twisted so that they appear alive.  They are playful and wish to make you smile. Each teapot is tested for its capacity to pour hot tea without a drip. They can be combined with both the JAZZ or TILT cups and mugs.